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Our Story

Bracelets are simple but significant accessories. In the past bracelets were made from a variety of materials but with only a few designs and markings. However, the production of bracelets has evolved to include unique designs and patterns that make them the best and highly significant gift that you can receive from a loved one. This is where we are in the industry.

We set out to design and produce Voyage inspired unisex bracelets made from paracord and leather. Our bracelets were designed to suit a holiday theme making them your favorite pieces when you are sailing or yachting at your preferred holiday destination. Our outstanding Voyage bracelets are exceptionally beautiful, and we have achieved one of our primary objectives with this product. We have created a Voyage bracelet that can help you remember some of the best moments of freedom sailing the seas on a yacht during your holiday.

Paracord bracelets with thimble
Paracord is without a doubt one of the best materials that can be used to make bracelets and we have leveraged on its properties. Our bracelets feature thimbles made from high-quality stainless steel. We made these unisex bracelets to have features that will reflect your lifestyle mainly.
Handmade Voyage bracelets
Our bracelets feature different designs; you can choose paracord or leather bracelets that most appeals to you. The striking feature that makes our Voyage bracelets unique is the fascinating craftsmanship which is obvious in the design.
It’s in the details
You can take as much time as you want to admire the details of our Voyage bracelets. We have used marine nylon paracords to create these beauties. And they are adjustable. You can get it to the right fit by manipulating the sailing knot at the thimble. Our craftsmanship is reflected in the creation of the color edges, while some bracelets feature color cores and color centerlines. If you like bracelets with beautiful color ribbons or color inside the braiding, we have an extensive collection of bracelets that fit this description.
Our Voyage ribbons are durable and can be worn alongside your wristwatch. It is the perfect complementary accessory for people who love classy and unique bracelets.
Our family is happy to be the producers of such an awesome product. Choose one and add an extra piece for your loved ones. They are the perfect unity bracelets that you can have for years.